Rigo Muniz

I write articles of personal opinion, aphorisms, stories, poems, autobiography, history, essays and chronicles; I also deal with Universal topics and I am always in search of the reason for existing.

I participated in various cyber portals and blogs as a freelancer.

At the age of ten years of age, I wrote three stories: one about the mysteries of the great Pyramid of Egypt and the Atlantic civilization, the other story was a police thrill story and the third one about the mystery of Ancient Egyp.

In addition, I am a Rosicrucian and I practice Raja Yoga.

Rigoberto at the age of 12 of age reinvented the galena’s radio, “from scratch”

I designed kites, made a telegraph transmitter, built homemade rockets, fixed telephones, radios and adjusted the filters to tune in to the South Florida WQAM.

I also invented a radio projector. film and photo slides.

I am a chess fan and I played in the National Chess tournament in 1972-73

I collect postage stamps, also, I was a member of the Philatelic Society and I collect antique coins and quaint books.

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